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What do you need to graduate?

In order to obtain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D) you need:

18 Compulsory Credits:

  • 4 credits in English (1 credit per grade)
  • 3 credits in mathematics (1 credit at the senior level)
  • 2 credits in science
  • 1 credit in Canadian history
  • 1 credit in Canadian Geography
  • 1 credit in the arts
  • 1 credit in health and physical education
  • 1 credit in French as a second language
  • .5 credit in career studies
  • .5 credit in civics

PLUS one credit from each of the following groups:

Group 1: Additional credit in English, or French as a second language, or Social Sciences and the
Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance & Career Education or Coop*

Group 2: Additional credit in Health and Physical Education, or the Arts, or Business Studies, or
French as a second language or Coop*

Group 3: Additional credit in senior level science, or Technological education, or French as a
second language or computer studies or Coop*

In addition, students MUST complete:

  • 12 optional credits
  • 40 hours of community involvement activities
  • Successful completion of the Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

How can I track my progress and see if I am on track to graduate?

Check your My Blueprint account regularly. Go to ‘High School Planner’ locate the Graduation Indicator on the right hand side of the page.


Sheridan has prepared a presentation providing an overview of OSAP, the application process, important information and tips for potential post-secondary students. In addition to this presentation, we also recommend that students visit the OSAP website ( for more information.    OSAP Presentation Video

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