St. Thomas Aquinas Athletic Program offers a full range of activities for boys and girls. Check out our athletics calendar here.

Our Facilities


Our two gymnasiums are quite large and is sufficient for regular basketball games to occur. They can further be divided into two sections using partitions, in order to allow multiple phys-ed classes to occur at the same time. In addition the gym is equipped with an electronic scoreboard and bleachers so as to accommodate spectators during games.

Outdoor Field

Our outdoor facilities consists of an outdoor artificial turf field surrounded by a rubberized track. The field is used for sports such as football, and soccer, and the track is used for track and field events. To accommodate spectators, there are also outdoor bleachers and an electronic score board.

Weight Room

The weight room is designed for students and staff to enhance their muscular build and fitness. There are classes available for students which concentrate on both the practical and theoretical aspects of weight training and healthy living. The available equipment currently consists of weight machines, free weights, a treadmill, and exercise bikes.

We are proud to offer the following teams this year:


Cross Country
Senior Boys Football
Junior Boys Football
Senior Girl’s Basketball
Junior Girl’s Basketball
Senior Girl’s Field Hockey
Junior Girl’s Field Hockey
Junior Boy’s Volleyball
Senior Boy’s Volleyball


Midget Boys Basketball
Junior Boys Basketball
Senior Boys Basketball
Senior Boy’s Hockey
Ski and Snowboard
Swim Team
Senior Girl’s Volleyball
Junior Girl’s Volleyball
Midget Girl’s Volleyball


Senior Girl’s Soccer
Junior Girl’s Soccer
Senior Boy’s Soccer
Junior Boy’s Soccer
Track and Field
Senior Boy’s Rugby
Junior Boy’s Rugby
Senior Girl’s Rugby
Junior Girl’s Rugby
Girl’s Slow Pitch
Boys Baseball
Junior Tennis
Senior Tennis
Varsity Boy’s Lacrosse

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