Course Selection

Students should familiarize themselves early with prerequisites required for admission to College/University programs of interest. By researching, students can plan for necessary prerequisites courses for Grade 12. To assist in your educational planning you can refer to and

Please Note:

  • Some courses may be cancelled due to low enrolment. Course selections are not guaranteed.
  • Changes to electives may be accommodated if possible until the end of June. No changes to electives will be accommodated in September. Only level and pathway changes will be accommodated if possible once the new school year begins.
  • Choose courses wisely, changes may not be possible.
  • Ontario University bound students will need 6 Grade 12 U or M level courses, including stated required courses from individual university program requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have all the prerequisites and meet university program requirements.

When are grade level option sheet presentations?

  • February 9th-11th 2021.

When is course selection due?

  • They will be due online through myBlueprint on Tuesday March 1st, 2022.

What needs to be handed in?

  • Course selection is to be submitted online through myBlueprint.
  • If you did not come from a HCDSB school you will need to activate your account, please follow the instructions in this presentation
  • Parents/Guardians will receive an email notification when your son/daughter submit their classes. Parents/Guardians will be asked to either approve or disapprove the course selection
  • Use cashless online to pay the $65 activity fee and IB fees

* In April 2021 students will receive a Course Verification sheet listing their course selections for the following year. Changes can be made directly on this sheet and returned to Student Services.

* Always check your Graduation Progress Indicator on My Blueprint to make sure you have all the courses required to meet all graduation requirements

*Please note these options sheets are for planning purposes only. Course selection is to be completed via myBlueprint. MyBlueprint will open on Feb 11th, 2022 for course selection.

Option Sheets & Presentations by Grade

Planning for Grade 10 Pre-IB

Download Grade 10 option sheet

Grade 10 Option Sheet Presentation

Planning for Grade 11 IB

Grade 11 option sheet

Grade 11 Option Sheet Presentation

Planning for Grade 12 IB

Grade 12 option sheet

Grade 12 Option Sheet Presentation

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