Uniform/Dress Code

The compulsory school uniform is intended to promote equity, develop a sense of pride and self-discipline in our students and in our school.  In making the decision to attend St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, students have made a commitment to comply with the school uniform policy from the beginning of period 1 to the end of period 5, while on school property, including lunch periods, each school day.

Our uniform provider is McCarthy Uniforms.

STA Uniform Order Form

They are located at:
202 Oak Walk Drive, Unit K1-1
Oakville, Ontario, L6H 0H4
(416) 593-6900

It is the student’s responsibility to wear the uniform properly.  Teachers will not allow students into class if they are not in proper uniform unless granted an exception by the Principal or Vice-Principal’s authorization.

Students in frequent contravention of the uniform policy will be subject to progressive discipline.

Uniform Requirements

There are no substitutions or additions to the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School Dress Code. Only McCarthy Uniforms or InSchoolwear dress pants, will be permitted. We caution parents and students NOT to substitute a pant from other retailers. Students who need to wear non-regulation footwear will be required to produce a medical note informing the school of the time period required for this uniform exemption. Exceptions to the uniform for Religious reasons can be requested through the Principal

  • All students are to be in full and complete uniform from their time of arrival to the end of period 5, lunch periods included.  Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend classes
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, picks, sunglasses or any other head gear are not to be worn in the school at any time, nor can they be visible. Hats and any other non -uniform items are to be left in lockers and are not to be brought to any class. These items are subject to confiscation if worn in the building or if brought to class. These will be returned to the student at the discretion of the Principal or Vice-Principal
  • Solid coloured black leather or leather-like dress shoes OR all black running shoes. All shoelaces must be black only. All socks must be solid black or white only. ALL boots/shoes must be below the ankle, low-heeled and have enclosed toe and heel (Flip Flops, sandals, crocs, winter boots and/or court shoes are not part of the school uniform and therefore are not to be worn inside the school building. Pants are not allowed to be tucked into socks
  • Students may wear a plain white short sleeve t-shirt under the uniform shirt or blouse. Plain white means no writing, no logos, and no diagrams No long sleeve shirts underneath short sleeve uniform shirts/blouses. T-shirts must not be longer than uniform shirt/blouse
  • Gym bags, back packs, large bags and purses are not permitted in the classrooms, cafeteria or library

On civvies days, spirit days and theme days students are to be dressed appropriately. Students inappropriately dressed, will not be allowed in class.  Uniform infractions will be addressed through the office.  Non-compliance may include, but is not limited to, logos, sayings and pictures that address/display:

  • sexual content
  • substance abuse
  • violence
  • profanity
  • discriminatory or hate-motivated references to any of the protected code grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code (e.g., nationality, race, gender, etc.)

Dress Code

  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear black dress pants with STA logo (note: McCarthy or InSchoolWear only) *pants are not allowed to be tucked into socks
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear black walking shorts with STA logo, worn with solid white athletic socks, no white or coloured layering to girl’s socks, no nylons/pantyhose or tights may be worn.
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear white oxford shirt, single pocket, white buttons, button down collar, short or long sleeve, embroidered crest
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear golf shirt, embroidered crest, no shirt extensions (girls) T-shirts must not be longer than uniform shirt/blouse
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear black sweater with 1/4 zip, embroidered crest. A collared shirt must be worn underneath
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear black sweater with full zip, embroidered crest. A collared shirt must be worn underneath
  • McCarthy or InSchoolWear black fleece sweat top with full zip, embroidered crest. A collared shirt must be worn underneath
  • Solid black shoes (no white or coloured piping) with a proper black sole
  • Solid black socks
  • Kilts are not permitted

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