Booking Appointments

ALL appointments are booked through Mrs. Hayward for all counsellors at extension 3001.

ALL I.B. appointments are booked through Mrs. Subic in the IB office at extension extension 3113 between 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Our counsellors are here to help students make informed decisions about their future and assist in their educational & career planning. We collaborate with parents, teachers, administration, social workers & other support staff to advocate and address the academic, social and emotional well-being for all students.

Student Services Team

Department Head

Mr. T. McConville


Last names A – FL
Mr. T. McConville

Last names FM – OI
Ms. M. Webber

Last names O J– Z
Mr. M. Giammichele

Student Success Counsellor

Mr. B. Culina

I.B. Counsellor

Ms. M. Power

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