Learn Quantum Computing

The University of Toronto Quantum Computing Club is partnering with Quantum Computing QC) startup qBraid to teach high school students the basics of QC. The class will run for 11-12 weeks during the summer,


Women in Skilled Trades Event

A women in the trades focused event for female-identified students in grades 7-12 that is less than a week away! We would love for you to join trades us at 7:00 pm on Wednesday,


Men as Career Coaches

This year’s Men as Career Coaches into Community Career Coaches – a community mentorship event is open to everyone who is looking to connect with others for mentorship and inspiration. 


Trades Week: Career Discovery Expo

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of Build a Dream and in partnership with School Boards across Ontario, you are invited to TRADES WEEK – a FREE 2-day event taking place on Wednesday,


A Mother’s Day Tribute

Our gifted students created this for Mother’s Day.

For the ways the women around us love us, care for us, make it work, despite the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves. Read More »