Conversations as Raiders Thrive, Episode 3

Mr. Assiamah, our Social Worker, Ms. Dawson, our CYC, and Ms.
Rerecich, our Chaplain, discuss the importance of sleep for mental health, and especially for getting through this time in isolation and quarantine. Read More » 

Conversations as Raiders Thrive, episode 2.

Today, we learn what a CYC and SOCIAL WORKER do in a high school. We also begin discussing topics of interest to help us get through this pandemic. Some great tips and strategies are shared as well as some helpful apps! Read More » 

Parenting in a time of the pandemic

This is a short conversation between Ann Douglas and Dr. Jean Clinton on parenting during this quarantine. Grief is playing a big role as we deal with all types of loss: loss of events,


Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation has been around for centuries and the goal of Christian Meditation is to seek union with Christ. It is another form of prayer in addition to our devotions and rituals with which we are more familiar.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Despite the circumstances, there is reason for hope and joy. God’s action in that Resurrection event of our Lord, is not a one-time event, buried deep in the past.

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